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Electrifying American Roots Music
Cotton Valley,

Who is Braydon Watts?

Braydon Watts is a singer/songwriter from Cotton Valley, Louisiana. Growing up, Watts fell in love to listening independent music like Stoney Larue's "Live at Billy Bob's" live album, and his earliest influences were Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Mayer, Jason Isbell, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles.

Watts eventually was introduced to playing guitar at age ten when one of his father's best friends taught him how to carry a beat and play a chord or two.His natural skill and dynamic playing led him to playing his first concert at the Columbia County Hayride in Magnolia, Arkansas. Watts quickly describes that first concert performance as "horrible for everyone listening", but it led to him exploring more gigs. Watts spent the beginning of his musical journey as a "Hired Gun" romping the Continental states backing other artists, until breaking out on his own solo career at age 18.

Watts decided early that he felt right at home on the stage and never had a desire to go to college or pursue another career outside of music... "anything else felt wrong", according to him.

Today, he's taken on the challenge of songwriting and leaning on inspiration from a few of his favorites like Hozier. Brent Cobb and local friend, Chris Canterbury.  He's booking shows throughout the South and says his ultimate validation lies right in his own backyard, stating that he knows his career has been a success when he can "easily sell out the Louisiana Grandstand on a Tuesday night". Watts has opened for notable artists like Marty Stuart, Cody Canada, Bryan Martin, Mike Ryan, Tanner Usrey, Ward Davis, Josh Ward, The Wilder Blue, and many more!

Until then, Watts is crisscrossing the US on a journey of inspiration and love of music. That trek isn't a burden... only a blessing to himself and those who encounter his next level talent.

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